Kid Flicks – Kid Flicks LP

kiud flicks.jpg

Kid Flicks is the experimental pop sonic alter-ego of Athens-based producer, songwriter and graphic designer Nickos Dervisis. After creating two world-music-obsessed dream pop albums recorded through his macbook while traveling around Greece and Europe, in 2014 Dervisis formed an explosive ensemble focusing on the relationship between electronics and samples coombined with live drums and middle eastern percussion.

This ensemble became the creative engine for Flicks’ next self titled full length. Highly influenced by the bright side of contemporary Athenian life, multiculturalism and the internet culture, Kid Flicks created a unique album, full of upbeat pop melodies, explosive percussion and an abundance of harmonised layers, drawing from various genres and styles. The first singles have already been praised by The 405, Impose Magazine, CBC Arts, GoldFlakePaint and more.

“Kid Flicks” is availabe from Klik Records and wordandsound records.

Buy the Digital Album and Pre-Order the Vinyl Edition (coming June 23) on Bandcamp.

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