Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss


Guerilla Toss are set to release the remix/version/reworking of their music, a musical creation mixed, manipulated and imagined through the prism of ideas that is Giant Claw (Orange Milk Records). Giant Claw is also known to many as Keith Rankin, an in-demand artist / graphic designer, tied to Guerilla Toss by illustrating the bold LP images from their DFA debut LP Eraser Stargazer, as well as the cover for this very release.

What we have here is an EP entitled Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss, and is in the spirit of dub records though one where the 2 parties might meet @ Palisades rather than Uptown. Giant Claw takes five prime Guerilla Toss tracks and zaps them with his wild blend of elastic 808 rhythms, merging the crazy R&B vocal sample style he is known for with Kassie’s sing/shout rapid-fire poetic delivery.

It is a unique formula and it sees Giant Claw find a surprising elements or 2 or 3 within all five “Versions”. The through-line that pulls all tracks together is the faithful analog stems VS MIDI triggered fully digital sounds, all clashing together into a glorious groove.

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