Video: Lone – Backtail Was Heavy


After recently announcing his sixth album Levitate via R&S Records, Lone returns today with a visual for his fervent, hardcore track “Backtail Was Heavy.” The Hugo Jenkins-directed video channels old school British kitchen sink realism as a young protagonist, played by British actor Connor Chapman, navigates through school, pubs, strip clubs, and crime.

Speaking on the video, Jenkins said, “Even though the track feels dark, raw and full of energy it’s also ethereal and reflective. I tried to create a world and a situation that mirrored these two conflicting moods. When I first heard the tune it instantly conjured up lots of gritty, real, British looking imagery in my head. I tried to stay close to this letting it inspire the subject matter, locations and cast.” Jenkins deliberately shot the video in ambiguous locations to leave the meaning open to interpretation – he explains, “for me it was more about creating and entering the world the kid is in. We’re not sure whether he’s dreaming or it’s happening for real.”

Check out the “Backtail Was Heavy” video below to decide for yourself. Lone’s Levitate LP will drop on May 27th on R&S Records.

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