Gioumourtzina – Blakk Metall LP


Greek Duo Gioumourtzina were formed in May, 2014, in Thessaloniki, Greece by Anestis Neiros (synth, vocals) and John Tselikas (electric bass). It all started a month earlier when the two musicians first met in order to create an electronica/shoegaze band rehearsing songs already composed by Anestis. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to find the proper musicians to collaborate with, they decided to start as a duet something new, more flexible and more minimalistic, that would combine their soundings. During the last year the duo of Gioumourtzina became known by word of mouth initially at their base, Thessaloniki, and then on the internet and in the rest of Greece, thanks to the song “Russian Market”, their impressive gigs and their strange name (which is a paraphrase of the name of Greek city Komotini in Turkish).

“Blakk Metall” is a mainly electronic DIY project, which touches different genres thanks to the variety of music influences of Anestis Neiros (synth, vocals) and John Tselikas (electric bass). The album is dominated by melodies with influences from the 80s, modern beats and shoegaze soundscapes. The heretic title Blakk Metall was chosen to express with humor the band’s opposition against the music industry and social establishment and their refusal to compromise and to be categorized under a certain music genre.

Gioumourtzina’s debut LP, “Blakk Metall” was released on April 22 via Inner Ear Records.

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