SAVE! – The Light (Marc Piñol Remix)


‘The Light’ is the first taste of the weird world created by American vocalist Craig Louis Higgins Jr. and French composer Marc Nguyen Tan.

Marc is best know for recording under the name Colder for Trevor Jackson’s OUTPUT in the 00s. 2016 see’s him back after a ten-year hiatus with two records, the SAVE! LP and a new Colder one called ‘Turn Your Back’.

Forthcoming on Ivan Smagghe and Leon Oakey’s Les Disques De La Mort, SAVE! mines similar terrain to David Lynch’s surreal landscapes.

Marc’s collaborator Craig Louis Higgins Jr. was born in Cape Cod, MA. He has released his debut album ‘336 W 17th St.’ under the name Mutado Pintado and is also known for contributing the wry vocals to acid house outfit Paranoid London, featuring on their 2014 self-titled album.

Like Higgins, Tan is also a painter and video artist. Although the pair only met in person recently, months after establishing SAVE!, the project is well served by Tan’s background as the solitary creative force in Colder. Just what Higgins and Tan are here to save is anyone’s guess. It’s a name that implies much yet remains elusive and misleading. That’s the way the pair prefer it.

The debut 12” release comes with a remix by Hivern Disc’s Marc Piñol. B1 of the 12” sees Marc re-edit the track under a new moniker Judy Vs SAVE!, while Les Disques De La Mort boss Ivan Smagghe contributes an edit for side B2.


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