Landside – Chains EP


Landside is the collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra. The sound draws as much from the deep vibe and melancholy ambience of Kúraʼs reflective, dubby moods, as the more insistent groove of Hunter/Game’s dancefloor roots. Landside’s forthcoming Chains EP is a melting pot of dub vibes, breaking leads, and melancholic vocals. An obscure path through secret prophecies, sewing new worlds, combining ash and bones. A born spell, takes you into uncharted lands, a journey up to a mirage of a desert lake.

Axel Boman’s remix is fresh breath into a melancholic landscape, whose sonic shamanism hypnotizes you, and takes possession of your most magical vibration. Beacon’s Remix is a velvety story into a melody that cradles you in a soft dream while carrying a wild, free energy throughout.

A1. Landside – Chains
A2. Landside – Desert Lake
B1. Landside – Chains (Axel Boman Remix)
B2. Landside – Chains (Beacon Reamix)

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