Tempelhof X Gigi Masin – Corner Song


A new album announced today which is a collaboration between renowned Italian composer Gigi Masin and cult producers Tempelhof, along with first single ‘Corner Song’. It’s a gorgeous instrumental of woodsy and watery percussion and transcendental soundscapes reminiscent of German abstractionists such as Popol Vuh and with an added New Age tint.

The album will be released on Cascine in North America on and Hell Yeah in the rest of the world on June 10th.

Gigi Masin is a regarded and influential minimalist composer has played a role in the European avantgarde music scene since the 70’s. His work has been sampled by artists including as Bjork, Friendzone, Main Attraktionz and To Rococo Rot. Recent endeavours include performing on the Maxmillion Dunbar and Co La project Lifted on PAN.

Tempelhof (aka the duo of Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani) are known in minimal producer circles for their spacious and expressive downtempo tracks. They’ve previously released one solo album (‘Frozen Dancers’) and another collaborative LP with Gigi Masin (‘Hoshi’).

The nine tracks on the album are a kind of ambient travelogue with nods to minimal Japanese electronic music, German avant-garde and echoes of world music, featuring soundscapes that are both classically informed and contemporary, some floating and beatless and others driven by dustings of distant percussion, twinkling keys and wordless vocals.

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