Seth Rosson – Over

seth rosson.png

After working in privacy for years in Austin, London, and now Brooklyn, Seth Rosson has emerged with a new Self-Titled EP inspired by minimal melodies and bare beats that seem to stick to you long after the first listen. Rosson EP is a strong, and impressive first release, portraying the universal feeling of trying to let go, whilst still holding on.

Seth has spent the last 11 years in Austin, with the exception of 2 in London for an MA in Sociology at Goldsmiths. As Seth explains below, he wanted to put a lot of himself into his first release:

I’ve always been drawn to the subtle and understated quality of music in the UK, and moving to London was a big influence on me both personally and musically. I’ve been working on music since I was 16, but only more seriously the last 6-7 years, with 2-3 unreleased projects before this one. In July, I moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, where I’ve started working on new music that I look forward to sharing in the fall. I also make minimal techno/drone music on the side.

I wanted to make this project as representative of myself, and as bare, as possible. Every part, every bar had to justify itself. I’m a graphic designer, and a fan of “minimalism”. I think that less is more. It can be easy, and tempting, to throw things in, but it’s hard to show restraint, and hold yourself accountable for every decision. In the end, I think it makes for a more interesting song. Topically, this was about relationships. Trying to let go, whilst still holding on, and the inner dialogue that follows, as you struggle between the two.”

Release Date: May 6th


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