Ara Koufax – Kissy Fits / Infrared

ara koufax.jpg

Ara Koufax from Melbourne, Australia, make music that oscillates among experiments in house, techno and noise – material that steers clear of easy categorization while remaining thoroughly dancefloor friendly. Today, the pair delivers a two-track single for Cascine’s singles label, CSCN, that embodies this approach.

“Kissy Fits,” the single’s namesake, builds at 120 BPMs along a collage of looping vocal samples, INTERPOL sirens and shuffling percussion parts.

Whereas “Infrared,” the B side, underlies a squelching synth with melodic chord progressions to create a pensive atmosphere that drives the listener deep into the nighttime.

Following a feature last year on Cut Copy’s celebrated compilation, Oceans Apart, Ara Koufax have continued to gain momentum with a single for Cutters Records last fall and an EP through their own label, Downtime.

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