Daphne and the Fuzz – Burn Down Your House

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Daphne Lazou could be the girl next door, but a few minutes in her music world are enough to make you understand that she is special. Vintage pop aesthetic inspired by jazz, soul and blues of past decades, an occasional dose of more psychedelic sounds on guitars and keyboards and lyrics that are personal, but still extroverted, make up the music genre of Daphne and the Fuzz.

“Burn down your house” is the lead single from their upcoming debut self-titled studio album, which comes out on 3/18 via Inner Ear Records. A retro cool tune full of swagger and soulful vocals singing dark and intense subject matter. Check it out below:

Daphne and the Fuzz were formed in the summer of 2012 in Athens, giving form and aesthetics to the tracks that Daphne composed until then solo at the piano. Daphne and the Fuzz have been introduced to us with their first single “Doop Doop“, which soon became a radio hit and was included in the Inner Ear anniversary compilation “Inn Pop“.

The 10 songs of this impressive debut were written during the period 2011-2015 and are just the beginning of our acquaintance with the young songwriter with the charismatic voice. Vintage pop melodies that flirt with soul and blues through the prism of Beatles “Abbey Road”, groovy basslines and dreamy melotron arrangements, accompanied by lyrics that narrate stories about love, adulthood, expectations and big dreams.

The album was recorded in 2015 with producer Alex Bolpasis. Using a reel to reel tape machine on various aspects of the production and recording a live rhythm section helped the band create a pleasantly warm retro sound.

Order: Inner Ear / BandCamp

Daphne Lz – vocals
Giannis Rallis – guitars, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, backing vocals
Orestes Benekas – keys, piano
Vasilis Nissopoulos – bass, percussion, ukulele, backing vocals
Dimitris Doumouliakas – drums, percussion

01. Burn Down Your House
02. Wisdom Teeth
03. My Nights
04. Exile
05. I’ll Shine
06. Happy
07. Unexistable
08. Purple Lightning
09. Journey To Mars
10. I Lost My Inspiration

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