Video: Hunter/Game – Silver

hunter game

Known for dramatic dance tunes that previously found their way onto labels such as Innervisions, Last Night On Earth or global event brand / record imprint Just This, Italian duo Hunter/Game has evolved its sound into a uniquely expressive, yet subtly arranged variant of techno – music that confidently takes centre stage, but never puts the sonic means before its aesthetic goal.

It is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and indeed nothing could be more applicable to Adaptation where the duo presents a full-length exploration of a distinct sound cosmos, at once coy and bold, and with each cut focussing on yet another artfully executed twist supplementing the no-fuss, all-impact setting of beats, bass and synths.

As described by the artists themselves, “Silver is inspired by Icelandic landscapes, as we made this track with Fanned Osk from the band Kúra. The lyrics and mood are about December trees that live alone in a kind of desolate heaven, a different world. In this rough and desolated world an imaginary silver fox is walking alone into the desert territory with no other place to go…” (Self-Titled)

So we mainly used some live drums percussions samples, processed by delays and effects. The arpeggiator we recorded in Copenhagen with the Kúra guys from a Nord lead 4x they have in their studio. The result sounds kind of crazy and it was too far from the band’s sound so we agreed to use it for our album.” (FACT)

View the video for Silver here:


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