Gobby – No Mercy Bad Poet LP


No Mercy Bad Poet is the DFA debut of Gobby. Gobby has been a DFA office favorite throughout his countless releases on respected underground labels UNO! and 1080p, in addition to his collaborations with James K as SETH and production for rapper Mykki Blanco. He has DJed at dozens of fine art events, low art events, and Chinese restaurants globally, and performed live on bills with respected underground musicians Dean Blunt and Actress.

DFA sees No Mercy Bad Poet as a collection of their favorite attributes and qualities of Gobby’s previous works. Album opener Cancer is a true banger grounded by an undulating kick drum, besieged by hissing snares, clipped vocal samples, and noodling synth. The Dishwasher features a shadowy monologue over a safari of animal samples and pummeling drums, while Anti-Meme is straight-up synthpop with pitch-shifted vocals and crunchy percussion. Album closer Romance Frog is a monumental work in three movements. It begins with tinker toy drums and modulated speech which fall away to reveal staccato piano and crooning vocals, finally culminating in what could be a lost Laurie Anderson track. But honestly – attempting to find words to describe this record is a challenge. For every sound on this record, there are dozens more that are equally exciting, unexpected, and provocative. For every brilliantly composed track, there are bound to be a dozen more. That is why DFA is proud to release No Mercy Bad Poet by Gobby, available digitally and on limited edition cassette on April 1, 2016.

Watch the video for ‘Romance Frog’, created by Elliot Kaufman.

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