Fluffy Floor – Tongue (Geis† Edit)

fluffy floor.jpg

Here’s the new version of Fluffy Floor’s ‘Tongue’ – remixed by the band’s guitarist Geis†. Geis†’s rework trades the guitars for ‘expertly tweaked electronics‘ and the result is different but equally great as the original.

Fluffy Floor hail from the German-French bordertown of Saarbrücken, where they founded a “four-person-doom-sludge-project”. One member, Iason, left to study sound design in Hamburg, while another found a new life in Uruguay. But then, the remaining two members, Jonathan DeBeauvoir (vocals, bass) and Henn (drums), teamed up with Iason’s younger brother – the aforementioned Geis†.

The song was inspired by a San Francisco photo book we bought at a flea market,” DeBeauvoir explains. “Looking at these great pictures gave us a warm feeling in the chest area, while it was a cold windy day at our home town. When we were sitting drinking tea, drying our clothes, Geis† sat down and played some tunes. I started singing the lyrics from our song ‘Tongue’ and a few hours later we had the base frame of this remix.” Premiered here.


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