Stream: Paul Valentin – Inner Harm EP


Dark Matters, the eclectic imprint founded by Amirali unveiled its third release, Paul Valentin ‘Inner Harm’ out now on vinyl and digital.

‘Inner Harm’ is made up of three original tracks and a remix courtesy of Locked Groove. Inner Harm feat. Search Yiu on vocals is perhaps the most aurally textured on the EP, combining crunching percussion the track builds slowly into a swelling composition. Locked Groove’s remix contains the same swell, looping the vocal and introducing a punching kick drum turning ‘Inner Harm’ into a hypnotic and intense techno cut.

‘Nested Circles’ composition is based around the guitar, Valentin layers sounds, building the track into a sweeping crescendo before settling into an even rhythm.

‘Zugunruhe’ on the other hand, the first track that caught Amirali’s attention, uses piano as its main component. It is the most melancholic on the EP shifting into a broken beat, rich with field recordings and drawn out notes.

Both tracks maintain the use of percussion that enhances the depth of the emotionally charged and complex EP. Maintaining the intelligent output on the label, ‘Inner Harm’ sits perfectly amongst the previous two releases.

Stream in full below. Get it here.


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