Video: Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows from Afar


For several months, filmmaker, art director and teacher Diego Barrera has been creating this official video for Lena Platonos, pioneer in the experimentation with synthesizers in Greece, and angular stone in the New Wave scene since the 80s.

This videoclip is born as a celebration of the success that is gaining this reissue of her cult album “Gallop” under the carefully selected curatory of the record label “Dark Entries”, considered as a jewell for the synth-pop pickers.

This piece is born as the continuation of my studies in the so-called androgynization rites, rites of symbolic offering of “masculinity” that operate in the abstract, such as the offering of milk in streams, the rite of the Hijras in India.

The endless pursuit of the Alchemical Androgyne, the return of the unity of the forces, the original androgyny, a bio-man walks a journey into the moist, feminine principle, through the mercurial waters – spiritual and purification waters.

After the unity, the origin, comes the division, the duality in which we are immersed, the phallus supporters, of the male, do not understand the coexistence of these forces.

Let’s drive the male element towards the sacred womb.” – DIEGO BARRERA

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