Lorenzo Dada – Love Apparel EP


Culpit’s 60th release is an occasion for two compelling label debuts: one – of an exciting young artist taking a significant step toward recognition, another – of the established master lending his magic touch.

Born in Rome and a classically trained pianist, Lorenzo Dada brings with him a lifetime of musical training and innate ability. A true natural, Lorenzo has balanced his musicality with a deep-seated love for dance music. Having been bubbling just under the surface for the past few years, ‘Love Apparel’ is Lorenzo’s statement of creative intent. The title track is built around a haunting piece of an original vocal, with layers of subtle harmonics perfectly complimenting it. ‘Love Apparel’ is the emotional centerpiece of the EP and one of the prettiest tunes in the Culprit catalogue.

‘Ministry of Night’ shows the same harmonic depth and continues ‘Love Apparel’s’ vocal theme, but ups the energy with its smart Detroit techno-inspired percussion. ‘Powder’ is built on the series of ethereal melodies and warm chords, riding along on another set of crisp percussion.

Culprit is particularly thrilled to call upon Axel Boman to remix ‘Love Apparel.’ Axel Boman delivers a deeply felt take on the song. Remaining respectful to the original, but adding his signature touches. Culprit regulars Bambook round out the release with their mellifluous rework of ‘Love Apparel’.

Release Date: February 24th.


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