Count Counsellor – Akidoutthere (Beat Spacek Remix)


Following the release of his debut EP for burgeoning Los Angeles-based record label Quality Time, elusive British/Australian artist Count Counsellor has shared an extended rework of ‘akidoutthere’ from veteran producer Steve White aka Beat Spacek. Stretching over 10 minutes, Spacek lets the track groove around a building synth sequence, adding layers of jittery electronica and that cosmic dose of funk to the Count’s haunting vocal lines on nostalgia and growing up.

Indeed Count Counsellor’s entire EP centres around themes of childhood – the moments that shaped him and the heroes who elevated him. It was co-produced and co-written with Fred, Red Bull Music Academy alumnus and one half of the Brian Eno-approved duo Sylas.

Count Counsellor is 21, 6 foot 8, 1/2 English, 1/2 Australian. He wasn’t always this tall and he wasn’t always this English. His life started in Australia but he has spent most of his years in the UK. His brother has been a DJ since the late 90s, and through the bedroom walls of their childhood home, Count was taken through the emergence and resurgence of UK garage, house, grime, funky and dubstep along with a rigorous education in the classics of disco, funk and soul. His music sounds nothing like house and garage, or soul and disco, but maybe a bit like all of them.

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