Q&A: Sarah P.


Sarah Anna Psalti, known as Sarah P., is a singer, songwriter and actress hailing from Greece. Her music career started in 2010, as the frontwoman of the Athenean dream pop duet Keep Shelly in Athens. After she parted ways with the band in early 2014, she relocated to Berlin to start fresh. Sarah P. has collaborated with many artists, including Sun Glitters, Mmoths, The New Division and many more.

Her own music is minimalistic and inspired from nineties sounds. The genre she identifies with is Pop/R’n’B. While having a sinister music touch, her positive intentions deliver a clear message. Sarah P. is not just a person, but a movement that empowers every single person who’s about to begin new. With her music she invites everyone to pack the bad memories in a box and start a journey towards becoming their own dream heroes.

Today Sarah P. has her birthday (#TeamDec14) and she celebrates it by releasing her debut solo EP, called “Free“.

We caught up with Sarah for a small chat about “Free”, her musical influences and her next plans. Read our q&a session and make sure to stream “Free EP” in its entirety below.


Zac: Singer, songwriter and actress. How do you manage your time?

Sarah: I combine them all! Let’s be real, I haven’t done that much acting, but only a couple of things here’s and there’s. I kind of miss it, but being an actor means you should be dedicated to your art more than 100% and I cannot promise that. I’d say that I’m an artist and because of the fact the music industry is really fucked up, I’ve become my own promoter, label, etc. I have reached a point that I simply don’t want to give away the control – I know exactly what I want and it’s easier (and faster) for me to just go for it. If I’m changing hats between different positions, that’s my art, its promotion and EraseRestart. My team and me are the definition of DIY and it’s true that sometimes we lose the track of time. So, to answer your question, I always feel that I have no time. I pretty much work 24/7 to keep up with everything.

Zac: When did your music journey begin? Where do your musical influences come from?

Sarah: My parents blew inside me their love for the music. They were taking me to all places were good music was played – whether that was a bar, a club or a concert venue. They were always taking me with them. They also signed me up for piano and keyboards lessons that I followed till the point that I felt too cool for it (that’s one of the few things that if I could go back in time and talk to my younger self, I’d tell her to get herself together). I was also part of choirs, like during all my school years.

As for my influences, all kinds of music have had a certain impact on me – from the cheesiest pop to classic music. If I had to pick a music genre that’s somehow shaped me that would be post-punk/dark wave. That’s the music that I always put on to relax, feel better and unload.

Zac: Tell us more about your debut EP, what “Free” means to you? Which is your favorite song?

Sarah: “Free” is like an anthology. It’s all about joining the actual adulthood, freeing yourself from the past and taking all matters to your own hands. Growing up comes at different points for each and every of us – it has nothing to do we the actual age, that’s just a number! “Free” is a really personal album and at the same time a call to its listeners to get off their couches, get out of their comfort zone and live their dreams. It’s calling them to be the people who they want to be. My generation has lost its focus. We live fast, work hard but get paid too less and go with the flow, expecting to grow old and die. We stopped fighting because we think that we don’t have the time for it. “Free” and myself as a human being living on planet earth aim to be this call to action. On the EP, I’m reporting the decision making and the (sometimes rough) journey of mine to reach where I am now. Nobody said it’s easy to be free!

All songs mean something special to me. I love “I’d Go” because it sounds naive but it’s super cheeky (if you pay attention to the lyrics). But it’s hard to choose.. “Little Soul” is a difficult song, but whenever I sing it I get so emotional because it is super personal and takes me back to really hard times. “Golden Deer” is a song we made together with Greek artist/producer/talented man Hiras and it’s also special since it serves as the “catharsis” of the EP. I cannot pick just one!

Zac: Which is the ideal place to listen to your music?

Sarah: Wherever it feels like home.

Zac: Athens, Berlin. Which city inspires you most?

Sarah: I’m an Athenean. I am born and raised in Athens and lived there till I was 24. Athens will always inspire me and in my opinion it’s one of the most special places in the world. Greece, in general, is one of the most special places in the world. My “Greekness” will never wear off, you know? From the other hand, Berlin is still somehow new to me and I have to admit that’s truly inspiring. I don’t go out that often, but the area I live is a new age Babel. Multi-culti, international and a bit crazy. Strangely, it reminds me of Athens and sometimes I see no difference. I feel that I am in the same city. On top of it all, wherever I go I hear Greek – like everywhere. It doesn’t really feel I’ve moved away. Athens is in my heart and Berlin has become my new home. Both cities are charming in their own way and inspiring because they’re heavenly, but in a sleazy way.

Zac: Which are your favorite tracks/artists at the moment?

Sarah: My favorite album of the year is the one that Editors made. I’ve been listening to “In Dream” obsessively. It is the only album of the last years that I can listen to it from the top to the end and not skip a tune.

Zac: What was the first record/album you bought?

Sarah: It was “Xessaloniki” by the amazing Greek band Xylina Spathia.

Zac: How do you chill out?

Sarah: I never chill out. I am always kind of intense. I am not a chill person, I don’t want to be a chill person. Music can calm me down, but “calm me down” like, for my standards.


Zac: What’s next? Should we expect a LP too? Any new collaborations?

Sarah: My album will come out in 2016, yes. It’s in the making! Touring with my band mates is something I’m looking forward to because I’ve missed the stage. As for collaborations, there are things coming up, there are talks but there’s nothing to announce already.

Zac: What are you most excited about right now?

Sarah: Playing my songs live, recording the LP and living fully this moment. This album, EraseRestart and the new version/direction of mine (artistically), mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Sarah P.’s solo debut EP “Free” is out on Dec 14th 2015 via EraseRestart. To get a digital copy of the EP follow this link. To order one of the few vinyls pressed via ERASERESTART go here.

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