David Harks – Tripping Ghosts (Original + Loframes Remix)


‘Tripping Ghosts’ is the new single from Brighton based singer David Harks, his collaboration with composer/producer Dan Berridge (Broadway Project). Set for release this December on JumJum Records ‘TrippingGhosts’ sees Hark’s haunted vocals weave in and out of a shadowy electronic soundscape, at turns both melancholic and transcendent.

Tripping Ghosts came out of a period of isolation and reflection,” Explains Harks. “I’d only just moved back to a city I’d left many years before when my partner had to leave for a couple of months and something inside kicked in. I couldn’t help but examine the choices I’d made over the years that I felt could have been different. I was tripping on these ghosts that I thought I’d resolved but here they were back to challenge me one more time.”

I didn’t feel comfortable producing the song myself. I wanted it to be stark, almost tough to listen to so I asked Dan Berridge, a superb composer from Bristol I had collaborated with on a couple of soundtrack scores, to step in. Dan’s production brings so much emotion and empathy to a song, and he really brought that feeling of raw isolation to the song.

Alongside the original ‘Tripping Ghosts’ comes with a remix from up and coming Anglo-French duo Loframes (James Yuill & Franck Russo), who transform the track into a sleek, if still dark and affecting, dance track. Harks’ vocals cutting through the bleeps and beats to create the perfect soundtrack for intimate moments of reflection that you sometimes lose yourself in on packed dance floors.

Whilst only Harks’ second solo release his CV includes playing in bands such as The Hat (signed to Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label) and with artists like Laura Marling and collaborations with the likes of Amorphous Androgynous and Andy Barlow from Lamb. Now pursuing a solo career his debut EP, ‘Lomo’, featured on sites around the world including DIY and Hilly Dilly, and the track ‘We’ was used for the closing titles of the recent documentary series ‘Secret Lives of Americans’.

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