AKASE – Murmur (Ewan Pearson Dub)


The darkest and smartest corners of club culture seem to have a way of spitting out the best electronic-pop duos, and so it is in 2015 with AKASE.

The brainchild of Harry Agius (aka producer Midland) and songwriter/vocalist collaborator Robbie Redway who met at Leeds Uni, it exists in the innovative cracks between genre boundaries. As much influenced by the rugged sound-system culture of nights like Leeds’ Subdub as it is by François K’s work with Depeche Mode or the widescreen electronica of Jon Hopkins.

Murmur’ is the second single taken from the forthcoming album ‘Graspers’ which is due out in 2016 on !K7. It was engineered in Berlin by production maestro and Kompakt staple Ewan Pearson, whose previous work with M83 and Ben Watt has earned him a revered reputation as an engineer and producer par excellence

The single plugs into the creeping sense of disquiet of ‘Violator’-era Depeche Mode with a sound palette that nods back to a two-step skip and ultra-modern synth grain of Midland’s releases on Aus Music.

There is a feeling of uncertainty and tension on our album. It’s a weird time to be young, you’ve got so many options but you’re being fed everything. It’s quite a melancholy record’ explains Harry. ‘But we find melancholy music quite uplifting’ finishes Robbie.

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