David August – Patria feat. Sissi Rada

david august

German producer David Nattkemper, aka David August, offers for free a great downtempo house track called “Patria” with Greek lyrics. Featuring vocals from Sissi Rada.

Last year I met Sissi Rada. She was singing in Greek and playing the harp when I first listened to her.

I asked her to record something with me as I wanted to use her voice for my music. We sat down, I played the harmonies on my Prophet 5 and she would jam over it. Her first take is the take you’re listening to. Back then I was in my bedroom studio. We had noises from the street, roommates the next door, but the take captured the magic and the spontaneous moment of just doing music. I didn’t want to record it again.

Her lyrics are about the devastating political and financial situation in Greece and I tried – as much as I could do – to reflect that with my music.” – David August

The lyrics:

Η πατρίδα μου
χώματα και θάλασσα και φρούτα
σ’ αεροπορικά εισιτήρια
Μαζικά συλλαλητήρια
Αέρα σου στρωσα και λούσα

Η πατρίδα μου
αμβλώνεται και κουράζει
με αλλονών τύπους
χώματα και θάλασσα και φρούτα

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