Landside – Landside Pt II


Landside Part II, the second EP from Hunter/Game’s new band project with Kúra, is out nowfollowing a full EP stream via XLR8R last week.

Landside is the first collaboration between Italian producers Hunter/Game and Icelandic duo Kúra. Kúra’s electronic dub work and Hunter/Game’s techno and house roots form deep, melancholic ambient music with an intense central groove, as Fanney Osk’s vocals interweave with melodic synths. Landside is a visionary journey into ranges of uncharted soundscapes, merging abstract atmosphere with boundless emotion. Landside Part II continues the journey begun on Landside Part I; Extrawelt’s remix of “Wasteland” dances between dub emotion and breakbeats on a visionary path through soundscapes and abstract atmospheres. Avatism remixes “Lost Soul” with a solid groove and techno base that tease the track to an intense, breathless flow.

Stay tuned for more music and remixes from Landside on Hunter/Game’s label, Just This.

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