Tendts – Cheap Poetry LP


Tendts debut album “Cheap Poetry” is finally here! Following a split-EP for Project Mooncircle in 2013, the two brothers from Greece set out to capture the essence of summers long gone. Stream in full below. Out now on Thessaloniki-based Fair Weather Friends Records. Get it here:

Physical: HHV.DE / Juno / Love VinylLotus / Vinyl Microstore / Flashback Records / Cosmos Records / Sister Ray
Digital: Bandcamp /Juno Download / iTunes / Amazon / Spotify

It smells of sand and careless thoughts.
The glow of the stars in the air, the light breeze that swept her hair.
The promises you never kept, your eyes as you watched the Sun set.
It’s bittersweet and wild, like our past…

neologism (from Greek νέο- néo-, “new” and λόγος lógos, “speech, utterance”): a newly created word whose meaning is unknown to others. eg. Tendts
1. Two brothers in a room. Their only link to reality, the view from a window; a reality distorted by a rusty, dusty tent.
2. The Self perceived as a mental exercise; an ever evolving tranformation of thoughts that tend to be an obsession
1+2 Tendts; two words merged in one, or maybe not…

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