Luke Solomon – Everything In Reverse EP


Classic Records frontman Luke Solomon makes his debut EP for VIVa MUSIC with ‘Everything in Reverse’ featuring Sam Lynham on vocals, two more original tracks and a remix from Adam Shelton.

Steve [Lawler] and I had been discussing me making a record for Viva for quite some time now. I recently remixed Monday Club for the label and it felt like a natural progression as it was so well received. I slowly started to pull together the EP but was missing a lead track. Finally Sam Lynham delivered a vocal that I ran with and it all came together like one giant exploding penis bomb.”

Title track ‘Everything in Reverse’ is a cosmic balloon of disco dust, the hedonistic vocals of Sam Lynham lending a retro feel. ‘Rhythm Control’ takes things darker, deep to the sinister subconscious through baritone echoes and static loops, while Adam Shelton’s remix puts emphasis on the groove and the shakes, a bouncing ball of rising acid energy. The final original cut, ‘That New Thing’ invites the listener to reach ecstasy, offering another bridge to dancefloor nirvana and another cryptic key into Luke Solomon’s mischievious nature.

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