InLensk – Obratno EP

InLensk - Obratno EP

Other People is excited to debut the work of 19-year-old Russian producer Gena Volgarev, aka InLensk, with the Obratno EP. Translated as backward, or conversely, Obratno seems obsessed with and frustrated by a sense of nostalgia that can never lock its focus. Finely etched, highly detailed rhythms retain a cerebral cool fluttering over, under, and around melancholic digital melodies that bend and degrade sporadically.

Meanwhile, the tactile use of filtering, extreme pans, and hypnotic microprogramming reveals an interest in sound’s ability to shift temporal perception and evoke a purely neural response. Yet there’s an intuitive warmth to a track like “U 1”, where a percolating guitar-line seeps through the austerity of a woody, lo-bit groove.

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