VA: John Digweed – Underground Sound of Ibiza Series 2


After last year’s highly successful inaugural “Underground Sound of Ibiza” album, Bedrock is back with the second instalment of this summer series. The format for this latest edition has been expanded to fill 3xCDs, themed around the different hours of a night’s partying, featuring 30 exclusive new tracks from some of the world’s most exciting artists, selected and mixed to perfection by John Digweed.

The “2am” and “4am” discs are designed to reflect the best club-based sounds and feature, amongst others, the likes of Carlo Lio, Ramon Tapia, Guy J, Omid 16B, Whyt Noyz, jozif, Nick Muir, The Japanese Popstars, Dave Angel and Jimmy Van M. The truly global nature of new, forward-thinking electronic music sees Mexico’s Leo Leal joining forces with Italy’s Cosmic Cowboys; and Lebanon’s G-Mohris, Ireland’s Confute and R.E.C., Turkish/Dutch producer Philogresz and Romania’s BOg, amongst others, all contributing stunning tracks.

Winding down proceedings, the “8am” disc takes its cue from last year’s “Poolside” mix, showcasing a more downtempo, chilled selection that features some beautiful exclusive new music from artists such as Robert Babicz, Charlie May, Omid 16B, Stelios Vassiloudis and Eagles & Butterflies; introduces talented label debutants C-Jay from Holland, and London’s Brad Wilder; alongside exclusive alternative reworks of some of the label’s huge club tracks: “Sad Robot” by Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur, Marc Romboy’s “Counting Comets”, and “Takin’ Over” by Quivver.

Preview below. Pre-order here.

CD1 2am
1. Omid 16B – Heart of Silence
2. Leo Leal & Cosmic Cowboys – Quarzo
3. G-Mohris – Empty Space
4. Charlie May – Puschkah
5. Confute and R.E.C. – 2002
6. Jimmy Van M, Luxor T & Maxim Lany – ESS
7. Philogresz – Needless To Say
8. Brad Wilder – Sizzles
9. jozif – Tell Me, Sell Me
10. Charlie May – Wake Up Late
CD2 4am
1. Charlie May – MM
2. Ramon Tapia & Stavroz – Havana – Guy J Remix
3. Elio Riso & D-URRS – Identity Reserved
4. Dave Angel – Nightwalker
5. Nick Muir – The Bridge
6. Whyt Noyz – Routes
7. Robert Babicz – Astral Glider
8. BOg – Rakuten
9. Carlo Lio – Rebellion
10. The Japanese Popstars – Sample Whore – Confute 2015 Remix
CD3 8am
1. Stelios Vassiloudis – First Light
2. Quivver – Takin’ Over – Reprise
3. Marc Romboy – Counting Comets – Part 2
4. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot – Beatless Version
5. C-Jay – BackSlider Part 1
6. Charlie May – Wake Up Later
7. Brad Wilder – Sizzles – Downtempo Version
8. Eagles & Butterflies – Life In Reverse
9. Omid 16B – Heart of Silence – Omid Underwater Mix
10. Robert Babicz – Just Waiting

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