Szjerdene – Find Me


Rising songstress Szjerdene glides on with ‘Find Me’, the next instalment in a dazzling series of new tracks from the artist, this time co-produced by mysterious NYC beat maker Quays. An amalgam of Szjerdene’s lyrical daydreaming and Quays’ signature tremors and dimly lit bubbling framework, ‘Find Me’ is moody, fragmented soul at its most laid bare. Unravelling, recurring thoughts of desire and open endings, Szjerdene’s sky scraping range and naked emotion give ‘Find Me’ the soporific quality of slipping into a dark pool, an exhalation of hope in a suspended space in time…

Find Me was written as a freestyle over an initial skeleton beat made by Quays. It’s a continuation from ‘Are You Here’ in story and this time the character is talking to them self. A fragment from a constant stream thought of self reflection and identity: “The one I’ve known forever – stripped down in front of me”. I flew to London to meet and work with Quays and we finished the track together.

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