U – We Decide Who Comes In EP


At a time when social media seems like a warm tide of sluice running from industry foul-mouths prone to oversharing, it comes as a strangely welcome tonic when a producer is Google-proof. Not even because there’s a worry they might fall foul to an errant late-night Tweet – it’s more of the pinch of mystery in the unexplained; an effusive shadow cast across their work that seems to heighten it to stranger territory.

It’s this same murky intrigue that follows U – the retiring Londoner who George Fitzgerald once met on holiday in Greece and commissioned a handful of 12″s from him immediately. He’s left little mark on the internet other than a string of striking debuts on Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic and Alkan’s Phantasy – and now without much ado, he’s back.

This time, he finds a fitting home in Fotomachine’s Technicolour with a new EP cut of similar cloth – agile, arresting and idiosyncratic house music, frayed and crackled with mechanical distortions and whirring tape-throb. ‘Easy Prayer’ is our pick of the litter – a warm and glowing piece of oddball club grub, snarled up with choppy drums and strung out on plangent synths. File next to Actress or Huerco S. and cop the full ‘We Decide Who Comes In’ EP here on June 29.

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