Dan Bodan – SOFTY SOFT Vol. 3


DFA Records is proud to present the third and final volume of remixes from Dan Bodan’s 2014 album, Soft.

SOFTY SOFT Vol. 3 consists of remixes from familiar faces, new monikers, and iconic figures in electronic music. We start with Montreal native CFCF’s Tasteless Dub Remix of Romeo, where gentle percussion and whispered vocals echo and reverberate off classic dub guitar and bass. Up next is 1080p Collection superstar MCFERRDOGG (AKA Max McFerren) with his take on Soft As Rain, with keyboard stabs and 808 cowbells and an overall vibe that reminds the author of Depeche Mode’s alt-dance classic Policy Of Truth.

Glaswegian pop hit-maker Howie B (Who you may know as a solo artist, or for his work with Björk, U2, and recently Ela Orleans) reduces Rusty to a bare minimum. We round out the collection as Soft began – with a remix by Low Concept, the name of the collaboration from Soft co-producers Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and Daniel Fisher (Physical Therapy). They bump up the BPM, transforming Dan’s angelic vocals into mere percussive texture, with the track racing towards a glimmering, acidy freakout.

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