André Bratten
 – Math Ilium Ion EP

André Bratten
André Bratten is the answer to the question; where next for Norwegian disco?

He is the youngest new voice working in the same hallowed studio in Oslo that Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Lindstrøm all create in. Rather than replicate their path, he has sculpted his own sound world, ready to reshape the future.

In place of light-hearted fun or blissed out landscapes, he draws creative inspiration from the sinister and suspenseful microtonal variations of Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi. While the solid sound design could only be Norwegian, André’s riffs around the house 4/4 allude to the trippy analogue bubble-baths of Autechre and his lysergic inner-visions. It’s an epic and thrillingly scary place of shadows and things that creep up on you in the night (club) spurring thoughts of psychosis and questions for one’s sanity.

All qualities that have rightfully made “Trommer & Bass” a must-play in the most discerning record boxes in the world, from DJ Harvey to Erol Alkan. The track, originally released on a compilation by Berlin-based label Correspondant, has solidified Bratten as the dark heir to the Viking disco throne.

Outside “Trommer & Bass”, “Math Ilium Ion” is a further insight to Bratten’s compositional skills. His patience to let an idea develop over a dramatic 7 minutes perhaps related to his day job before this of writing scores for the theatre. By the time we arrive at the tone poem that is outro song ‘Intro’, consider all Norwegian disco expectations thoroughly twisted.

Out now on Smalltown Supersound.

1. Trommer & Bass
2. Your Sincerely, André Bratten
3. The Little Things, Fools And Kings
4. Common Misconception
5. Minor Misconception
6. Intro

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