Terepa – August 8th


In alphabetical order, Terepa is no less than: Rashad Becker, Charlotte Collin, Lucrecia Dalt, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Kohei Matsunaga, and Grégoire Simon. Following a method conceived by Kohei Matsunaga (aka NHK’Koyxen) years ago out of a desire to collaborate with people living distantly, the seven artists recorded two sessions in disparate locations across Los Angeles, Berlin, Osaka, and Paris, the only creative parameter being that they all begin recording simultaneously for a twenty-minute period and that they use no means of communication or monitoring outside of their own telepathic capacities. The recordings were later gathered, layered, and mixed, resulting in two lucid, essentially chance-based compositions that Other People is thrilled to present pressed to two sides of white vinyl. The septet repeated the process for a drawing session, the result of which is printed directly onto the surface of record.

Side-one begins with murky piano, soft-plucked strings, delicate, high-pitched drone, and the sound of distant brass, all working in remarkable counterpoint. The whole slow-cooks and smears over fifteen-minutes, with recognizable timbres melting away and pooling into a milieu of pitched face-relations. Side-two is lighter, aerated by faint voice, subby purr, dull chimes, and bulbous trombone accents. While one artist’s signature may simmer to the top for a moment, the gravitas lays in how all seven voices fold together, warping into a swampy, mist-brushed ecosystem that, value of parts given, is more than the sum.

Released by Nicolas Jaar’s Other People on 13 July 2015.

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