Video: Stillhound – Seethe Unseen


Stillhound released their debut single last month, showcasing a unique blend of atmospheric pop and emotive electronica. ’Seethe Unseen’ plots a marker in time for the Scottish four-piece consisting of school friends Fergus Cook, Laurie Corlett-Donald, Dave Lloyd and latest addition Cat Myers, having spent the last year in various studios and mountain lodges tirelessly developing their sound.

The glistening and emotive electronica displayed on ’Seeth Unseen’ draws influences from multiple faucets of music and blending it into an original form. Digital textures and sounds are accompanied by a driving beat with the vocals creating a beautifully bleak outlook that draws from the song’s landscape.

The video, directed by Gareth Goodlad for On Red was fittingly filmed in the Scottish Highlands and features Fergus Cook from the band. Inspired by the artwork for the Seethe Unseen single by Danny Cook, here are a few words from the singer:

I’m forever wrestling the feeling I’ve been stuck in the same place far too long. Day in day out, literally doing circles to work and back. The scenery becomes painfully uninspiring and falling out of love with your surroundings inevitable.

‘Shifting environments and landscapes were also being explored throughout the album artwork and naturally informed our choice of location for the video. Out with the artwork for ‘Seethe Unseen’, Daniel Cook had concocted a plethora of surreal mountainscapes and cliff faces that were employed heavily to build an ever changing and conflicted world’

Stillhound’s live show remains under wraps but with a handful of tracks waiting to be unleashed, they look ready to pick up the electronic-pop mantle and make 2015 their own.

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