Antony & Cleopatra – Take Me


London based duo Antony & Cleopatra, two different souls from the opposite ends of the spectrum, are the product of a pop writing session gone astray. The soulful dance music that Antony & Cleopatra make is classic sounding, with a twist of a modern approach. Their take on electronica is as much inspired by late 80s US house and 70s disco as it is by the UK garage and bass heavy sounds of today. Their charming and powerful vocals have been featured in Lancelot’s ‘Givin’ it Up’/’Make Ends Meet’ (released on Anjunadeep), Beni’s house jam ‘Protect’ (out on Modular / WIN music), and Sammy Banana’s modern classic ‘Money Time’ (released by Fool’s Gold).

Following their first original single ‘Sirens’, Antony & Cleopatra are back with another incredible track filled with low-key synths and deep, enchanting beats, ‘Take Me’ (with remixes by Option4 and Pat Lok). The duo describes the new single, “Take Me exists in the liminal space between remix and original, between 90s and future, between bass and rave. Antony & Cleopatra draw heavily on the traditions of UK dance music, and this track is at it’s heart a shout out to all of their favourite elements. Diva vocals, breakbeats and dark textures combine into a track out of time, forward thinking yet honouring of the past.”

Purchase “Take Me” on iTunes.

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