Prinzhorn Dance School – Reign (Shit Robot Remix)


Prinzhorn Dance School’s spartan sonics have often lead to some hand-wringing when trying to play out their records ‘in the club’. In the first 7 years of their existance, there was a sole club-friendly remix in their entire catalog. It is for these reasons that we’re really stoked to announce that we now have a second.

DFA veteran Shit Robot takes the track “Reign” from their imminently released third album Home Economics and turns it into a deep, dark floor-filler. The band’s pleading vocals dive in and out of a throbbing bassline, with new robotic percussion seamlessly blending with the band’s original bangs and clangs.

The vinyl-only track on the flip features that previously alluded to Optimo (Espacio) mix of “You Are The Space Invader” – previously only available commercially in digital form, this is the first (slightly) wider vinyl release of this classic remix. An edition of 250 hand-stamped and numbered white label copies, not to be pressed again for another 7 years or so. Probably.

Order the 12″ Vinyl, WAVs & 320kbps MP3s here.

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