Seven Davis Jr – Sunday Morning


From time to time a DJ, vocalist or producer comes along who transcends a particular scene, bridges the gap between disparate movements and unites tribal music fans. Seven has that talismanic quality. His productions have a rawness… a loose-knit, lolloping groove that seduces even the most steadfastly stubborn of hips.

On 24th July 2015, Seven Davis Jr will release his debut album Universes via Ninja Tune – his most honest and heartfelt musical statement to date. Recorded in LA, San Francisco, Amsterdam and London, it’s a unique exploration of the producer and trained gospel vocalist’s musical landscape, traversing tempos and flipping styles with typical panache but always embedded in the bedrock of soul and funk. Deeply personal, the record brings a positive message rooted in freedom, integrity and self-improvement: “Finding your place. Knowing yourself. Being where you belong.”

1. Imagination
2. Freedom
3. Sunday Morning
4. Everybody Too Cool
5. Good Vibes feat. Julio Bashmore
6. Be A Man feat. Flako
7. Fighters
8. Afterlife feat. Kutmah
9. No Worries
10. Welcome Back

Tour Dates
08/05 Southport Weekender, Southport, UK
09/05 Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany
22/05 The Nest, London, UK
23/05 Twisted Pepper, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland
24/05 The Bowery, Cork, Rep. of Ireland
05/06 Weather Festival, Paris, France
30/05 Zukunft, Zurich, Switzerland
06/06 The Parklife Weekender 2015, Manchester, UK
13/06 Gottwood Festival 2015, Holyhead, UK
11/07 Worldwide Festival, Sète, France
16/07 Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium
28/08 Dimensions Festival, Pula, Croatia
04/09 Outlook Festival, Pula, Croatia

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