This Soft Machine – On & On / This Place Was Meant For Me

This Soft Machine artwork

This Soft Machine makes their debut on Eskimo Recordings with a double­sided release including instrumentation from Dave Harrington of DARKSIDE contributing electric guitar, alluring vocals by Lorraine Nicholson for ‘​On & On’ a​nd Dan Whitford of Cut Copy fame, who helped record the synths.

This Soft Machine is a band at heart. Recorded live at Linear Studios in Sydney in January 2015, everything you hear on the record was recorded by human hands, played by some of my oldest, dearest friends and some hired musicians.” T​im Sullivan AKA This Soft Machine

I​t’s something incomputable, incalculable, unprecedented, all­together analog. It’s This Soft Machine.”

o+ T​his Soft Machine was born in Australia, moved to Japan and is currently residing in Germany. This Soft Machine plays lots of different sounds and it has blonde hair. This Soft Machine is kind, generous, funny, and big­hearted. It is 6 feet tall and it wears white t­shirts and jeans, mainly. Musical influences? Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ramones.

o+o F​irst emerging with a 2hr mix for N​icolas Jaar’s Other People serial label, the second sighting was the highest played mix on Oki Ni & their 200th http://www.oki­­series/ms200­this­soft­machine.

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