LIil Silva – 606

lil silva

606 is the first track taken from Lil Silva‘s next release. Good Years 010 is a release aimed strictly for club play. Three tracks that demonstrate why Bedford’s Lil Silva is one of the countries leading production lights.

He has developed a machine funk that is 100% his own. Part afro-centric syncopation, part UK grime sub-lo energy and partly filled with Timbaland-like idiosyncratic sonic ticks.

Lead track ‘Drumatic’ comes tearing out of the vinyl grooves with unidentified midrange sounds that could be from Herbie Hancock’s ‘Watermelon Man’ before surging waves of sound energy power the track forward into this decade. ‘New Squeeze’ builds silky electronic tension around complex polyrhythms and ravey filtered stabs, racing into a dynamic rolling drop. ‘606’ carries his signature ‘Lil Silva’ name tag over a matrix of vocal and 808 samples, rooted in minimalism but with his unique swing.

More ear drum stunners to add to Lil Silva’s groundbreaking discography. Out on May 11th 2015.

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