Ahead of their debut US live shows at SXSW hotly tipped Belgian electronica trio VUURWERK return with their first proper release for Lo Recordings, the ‘Warrior’ EP, featuring guest vocals from Sylvie Kreusch, lead singer of Soldier’s Heart. The band debuted the track live last week at a special show at the David Lynch designed Silencio club in Paris in a performance collaboration with up & coming Belgian fashion house Krjst.

Kicking things off with ‘Mirrors’, an all to short but oh so sweet rush of euphoric sighs, trance like synths and half-time beats that builds and builds before breaking into ‘Warrior’ itself, where Sylvie’s plaintive vocals find a perfect home amongst VUURWERK’s fractured electronics and bass heavy rhythms. Her world-weary yet defiant chant ‘I used to be a warrior’, bursting like a ray of sunlight through a dark and stormy cloud.

Finally the EP ends with ‘Lux’, six tense minutes of industrial noises, acidic squelches and off-kilter percussion, the soundtrack to some hellish automated factory working through the night to some infernal plan.

Stream in full below. Order here.

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