Video: Speelburg – Kline


Originally released as part of his debut EP in December, which picked up plaudits across the blogosphere at large, as well as radio tastemakers including Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and Gilles Peterson, Speelburg‘s ‘Kline’ has now received the video treatment.

London production company Kash loved the track so much they reached out to Speelburg offering to collaborate on a film clip. The result, co-directed by Ozzie Pulin and Speelburg is designed to be suggestive rather than explicit, and re-tells the story of Speelburg’s uncle’s apparent 1970’s abduction:

I have an uncle who claims he was abducted one night in June 1976. The cool thing about his story though is that there’s actually a group of people from the same area in Baltimore that can back the story up. All of them claim to have been abducted that very same night, and though none of them keep in touch – except for a couple who actually got married shortly after their encounter – most of their descriptions of the event in the few article clippings he’s kept, don’t paint the picture of some wacked-out Heaven’s Gate harbinger, but instead, just a few lucky people that got to experience something pretty special and spend a week with a more advanced species.

None of them knew each other, and when interviewed years later, they all said they just grabbed what they could and headed to “where the light felt right”.

My uncle, who’s lead a pretty normal life – nice house, beautiful wife and kids, teaches clarinet on the weekends and puts on concerts in the park in the Summers – is surprisingly open about it. Most of the family just thinks he took a bunch of acid and saw some cool shit, but every time you ask him about it, he’s super calm and answers anything he can remember.

If you guys have anymore questions, send them over to and I’ll get him to answer them next time I visit – the only weird thing about the guy is that he SUCKS at answering email.

Speelburg is an American/Belgian producer and singer, who grew up in France and now lives in Brighton, UK. He’s also an MC when he feels like not singing. Buy the EP here.

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