Video: Tear Council – Anywhere

tear council

Headed by none other than Matt Van Schie (Van She / Du Tonc), Tear Council is not just an advisory body on tear control, but a full body performance authority. After recently joining forces with former band bud Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) on their debut single “Anywhere” – the pair now share the highly appropriate, 80s-stylised video for the track, starring Matt and Michael themselves, alongside Holiday Sidewinder (Bridezilla), the female vocalist on the record.

Reminiscent of detective soap operas past, the “Anywhere” video shows private investigators Di Francesco and Sidewinder stalking their oblivious target, Van Schie – who’s on serious dance duties in this clip.

The video for debut single release “Anywhere” is more than a solid preview of what is yet to come from Sydney’s Tear Council – a project described by Van Schie as an outlet for his “more emotional outpourings”. Taking you back to the rhythm of the 80s and “Drive”-esque memories from summer days past, Tear Council’s “Anywhere” will make you relive those throwback-thrills – an experience that is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

Directed by Miška Mandić.

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