Video: Johan Agebjörn & Young Galaxy – You Passed Through


Swedish composer Johan Agebjörn has unveiled the official video for ‘You Passed Through’ featuring Young Galaxy. The track is taken from the album ‘Notes‘, out now on Paper Bag Records.

Directed by Jarrett Sitter:

There is a somber, fantastical, dream like quality I often try to tap into with my art, and that is what I tried to achieve here.

I had been waiting for a project that I might play with shadow puppetry, and this song seemed perfect for this medium. Shadows can have an ethereal, ghostly feel and this certainly compliments the haunting nature of “You Passed Through”. The dark/light duality also echoed the life/death narrative I had in mind for the video.

I wanted to involve a water scene as there were some aquatic themes within the lyrics, and where the ocean comes in it had a feeling of submersion and depth to me. In mythology passing over water is often symbolic of moving on to the next life as well, ie the River Styx. I wanted it to be a bit ambiguous as to whether she was witnessing the ghost character passing to the next life, and being faced with the decision of whether to follow him, or if it was simply a dream and metaphor for her trying to let go of someone she lost.

The ending’s bird sounds reminded me of morning chirping outside your window that you might wake up to, so it made sense that this be the time when the woman awakes from her sleep. It also raises the question if the entirety of the song was just a dream or if the only part of the dream was what proceeded after we saw her go to bed (or if any was a dream at all).

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