Dems – Made For Myself (Blacksmif Remix)

DemsPress2014 - Wood

Much vaunted electronic trio from South London DEMS released their debut album ‘Muscle Memory’ last November. Vocally, lead singled Moss is reminiscent of James Blake, the dulcet South London croon juxtaposing seamlessly with the glitchy noise created by his bandmates. DEMS make unflinchingly beautiful progressive songs that will comfortably sit alongside such luminaries as The XX, Kindness or SOHN.

From its pulsating melancholy introduction through to its relentless arpeggiating culmination, Blacksmif takes the beating electronic heart of ‘Made For Myself’ and meticulously transforms it into his very own soulful shuffling masterpiece. The beatmaker-turned-songwriter championed by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbes and Fact Magazine and signed to RAMP Recordings has a rare eye for detail and a knack for channeling and absorbing lyrical meaning through his array of electronic instrumentation. As beautiful as it is danceable, this wonderfully thoughtful interpretation cries out for repeat listens.

Remixing this particular track from DEMS was quite an interesting step for me. Historically the remix offers i get have always had a more dancefloor-ready element too them. This time however, i was working with a track that’s a lot deeper and emotive in it’s nature. I actually found myself thinking from the perspective of music made to fit with films or a specific plot-line / narrative when i approached this remix. It just seemed to lend itself to that general epic, climatic trajectory, but i think what was important to me was to recreate in a way that didn’t veer too far from it’s original multi-instrumentalist feel rather than contrarily sounding too computer-processed / synthesised.” Blacksmif

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