S.R. Krebs – Grey Skies (Remixes) EP


March sees S.R. Krebs return to France’s Her Majesty’s Ship label with a slew of remixes taken from last year’s ‘Grey Skies’ EP, featuring Nadia Ksaiba, Kasper Bjørke, Rotciv and Kid Francescoli.

Born and raised in Mississipi, Sarah Rebecca Krebs moved to San Francisco at eighteen where her musical fixation blossomed whilst performing in various indie folk bands. 2008 saw the American relocate to Paris where she engrossed herself in the city’s thriving electronic music culture as part of the group Slove – a chapter that soon lead to her solo venture as S.R. Krebs, produced by Leo Hellden and Michael Giffts from the French cold wave band Tristesse Contemporaine.

Kick starting proceedings is Nadia Ksaiba, who recently released on Phantasy Sound and also hosts her fortnightly NTS show Rhythm Connection alongside Dan Beaumont. The British producer inaugurates the package with a remix of ‘For Losers’, an eccentric offering complete with sweeping atmospherics, luminous organs and Krebs’ melancholic vocals.

Formerly one half of legendary disco house duo Filur, Kasper Bjørke gives ‘Talking To Yourself’ a dub rework whilst incorporating retro synths and commanding snares to forge a deeply psychedelic affair.

Next up is Rotciv, who alongside Massimiliano Pagliara make up a pair named The Rimshooters that released on Her Majesty’s Ship back in 2012. His rendition of ‘Bigshot’ delivers an infectious walking bassline alongside distorted guitar and reformed vocals to inject a healthy dosage of funk.

Tying up the release is a remix of ‘Grey Skies’ from Marseille’s Kid Francescoli, the renowned French pop producer who is also a member of Husbands. Francescoli integrates a pulsing bass whilst transforming the original into a poignant and mellow down-tempo number that does well to enhance S.R. Krebs voice.

S.R. Krebs ‘Grey Skies (Remixes)’ is released on Her Majesty’s Ship on March 23rd 2015.

1- For Losers (Nadia Ksaiba remix)
2- Talking To Yourself (Kasper Bjørke dub rework)
3- Bigshot (Rotciv disco mix)
4- Grey Skies (Kid Francescoli remix)
5- For Losers (Nadia Ksaiba dub mix)

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