Portico – 101 feat. Joe Newman


Featuring the soaring voice and questing intelligence of Joe Newman (Alt-J), Portico introduce their new album Living Fields with a haunting slice of electronic pop. Newman’s voice climbs over reverb drenched piano, drum machines crisply puncturing the tension around shimmering arpeggios of synth and electric bass.

Portico are Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie. Previously they were three-quarters of the highly successful, critically-acclaimed and Mercury-nominated Portico Quartet. But new album Living Fields is no continuation under a shortened name. As far as the band are concerned this is a debut, a leap into a whole new sound and way of making music.

101 offers a perfect introduction to their aesthetic, Alt-J’s Joe Newman is utterly compatible because, like all the vocalists on the album, he is not a guest so much as a friend. He and Jack Wyllie grew up on the same road in Southampton, and have been friends ever since. Joe says “I grew up listening to Portico and at Uni I introduced their music to a younger Alt-J. It’s such a pleasure to be collaborating on this new album and i’m looking forward to performing with them down the line!

Perhaps it’s this connection that accounts for the intimacy of the piece, on a song which also manages to be epic, one of those strange, unlikely contrasts which this group, in a sustained burst of creativity, manage to achieve again and again.

Portico’s Living Fields will drop on April 6th 2015 on Ninja Tune. Ninja & iTunes pre-orders come with Instant Download of ‘101’.

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