Video: Sarah P – Moving On

sarah p

Berlin-based Greek singer, songwriter and actress (and former Keep Shelly in Athens’ vocalist) Sarah P. has shared the official video for her stunning new single, Moving On, a collaboration with fellow Greek producer Nteibint. Video directed, cut & edited by Tim Tautorat & Miriam Engelkamp.

In other news, Sun Glitters‘ new EP “Galaxy” will feature Sarah’s truly great voice. Out on February 20th 2015 backed with remixes by La fine equipe, Alphaat, and Yosi Horikawa.

Moving On” is officially out, representing the new me.

I would call it as a preparation/warming up for my EP that will come out in some months from now. For the track, I worked with greek producer Nteibint already months ago, shortly before I moved to my new home. It is not just a track for me-it is an attitude towards life, it is a statement.

As I just got out of the studio, where I recorded for the very first time my very own tracks, I feel like sharing with you what I learnt. Never underestimate yourselves, count on your feet and if you feel drowning, go ahead and change it all. We shouldn’t be scared of the change-it is a gift. This is the time to change things. World changes and we have to keep up. Don’t lead your lives through fears, live it up!

Last but not least, I would love to thank my management team at Hellbig Music, for their support and trust, Tim Tautorat and Miriam Engelkamp for making this video happen, Franzi Tischmacher for everything and Artgerecht Berlin for taking care of hair and makeup.” Sarah P

Sarah P – I Misbehave
NTEIBINT feat. Birsen – Riptide

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