Dan Bodan – SOFTY SOFT Vol. 2

dan bodan

Building upon his debut album, Soft, Berlin-based singer and producer Dan Bodan has enlisted a community of friends and underground club producers to create SOFTY SOFT, three volumes of remixes that reimagine Bodan’s original material. Volume 1 saw Draveng and CFCF offer two new visions to “Romeo”. Now, Bodan is pleased to offer a full stream of Volume 2 which contains remixes from UNO-affiliate Gobby, remix/production duo E&E, Janus Collective artists Lotic and KABLAM, as well as LA-based producer Draveng. Volume 2 will be available digitally via DFA Records on January 26th 2015.

The Soft LP is currently on sale via DFA and the imprint has teamed with Canadian cassette label 1080p to simultaneously release the album as a limited cassette edition. Stay tuned for SOFTY SOFT Volume 3 with offerings from Low Concept, CFCF, MCFERRDOG, and Howie B.

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