Fritz Kalkbrenner – Ways Over Water LP

fritz kalkbrenner

“Ways Over Water” is the new studio album from Fritz Kalkbrenner, one of Germany’s most original electronic music artists. A singer/songwriter as well as producer, the Berlin-based artist will release his third album in the U.S. on March 24th 2015 via Suol/BMG. Leading the charge is the first single “Void,” available this Friday, January 16th 2915 alongside remixes by Gui Borratto, Baron Dafoe, Talul and Andre Hommen as part of an EP release on Beatport.

Kalkbrenner’s Ways Over Water was produced in Suol-Studios in Kreuzberg and follows the musical direction he started with his debut single “Wingman” in 2009. On Ways Over Water, Kalkbrenner stays with the formula that made his previous albums Here Today Gone Tomorrow and Sick Travellin so special–dusty, distorted drums, licks on Rhodes piano or guitars and melodic bass lines within strong electronic tracks. This time the instrumentation has been expanded with great brass elements as well. Very present again is his unique voice that turns tracks like “Heart Of The City,” “One Of These Days” and “Void” into cherished works, as the vocal takes center stage even more than before.

Clubby instrumental tracks alternate perfectly with electronic pop songs based on classic songwriting and driven by Fritz’ voice. After the first two tracks, it becomes clear that he has developed his sound into his own sonic universe, which doesn’t stick to but transcends genres like house, techno or pop. One of the most surprising tracks on the album is “Front Of The World” with its Afro-beat groove and mellow-soul brass parts, that once more proves Fritz Kalkbrenner’s versatility. A versatility that, through the disco funk of “Pass The Buck,” the hypnotic house ecstasy of “Pitch Perfect” and the radio-friendly catchiness of “The Sun,” makes for a perfectly infectious album.

Look for FRITZ KALKBRENNER to make his way stateside in the coming months to support Ways Over Water. Details to be announced soon.

1) Easin In
2) Pass the Buck
3) Back Home
4) Fake Magic
5) Void
6) Pitch Perfect
7) Heart of the City
8) Stranger in a Strange Land
9) The Sun
10) One of These Days
11) Front of the World
12) Three The Hard Way
13) Every Day

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