Digitalism – Second Chance


Having hinted at a change in direction at the start of 2014 with the release of ‘Fahrenheit 32,’ a soundcloud-only offering, Digitalism finally showcased their new creative vision with ‘Wolves’ featuring Youngblood Hawke, back in July. The marriage of their own trademark electronic sound with the US bands indie-pop vibes has once again been underlined with upcoming single ‘Second Chance,’ set to drop on February 16th 2015 via Zerothree. The track features Jens once again on vocals for the first time since the release of ‘Circles’ in 2011 on Eric Prydz PRYDA label. The occasion has not been lost and we see the release of ‘Second Chance’ getting the deluxe remix treatment it deserves. Melodic house pioneer Funkagenda and Parisian techno producer Traumer each serve up their own reworks of the original. CaPa and fellow Swede newcomer David Vrong complete the package in style with trademark progressive electro and house edits.

’Second Chance’ see Digitalism crafting a perfect mix of their classic sound and the direction introduced at the start of 2014. It seems fitting that Digitalism release such a track at the start of 2015, having divided opinion so vehemently the year previous. The lyrical content of ’Second Chance’ are of a bitter-sweet lament detailing lost love and second chances taking the listener on as many ‘lows’ as there are ‘highs.’

Look out for more new material later this year.

1. Second Chance (Original)
2. Second Chance (Extended Version)
3. Second Chance (Radio)
4. Second Chance (Capa Remix)
5. Second Chance (David Vrong Remix)
6. Second Chance (Traumer Remix)
7. Second Chance (Funkagenda Remix – Radio Edit).

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