Beat Spacek – Modern Streets


Beat Spacek is the latest project from Steve Spacek (Spacek, Africa HiTech, Black Pocket, Space Invadas) – a British vocalist and producer whose fearless approach to creation has always been progressive and highly original. His work transcends genre and style – instead focusing more on swing, melody, vibe and atmosphere.

Framed against the backdrop of the 1980s when Steve was growing up as a young man in New Cross, South East London, ‘Modern Streets’ is rooted in the duality of the past and the future. Flim-Flams was the club where he first experienced the clash of sounds and styles that characterised South London’s racial, ethnic and cultural melting pot. A spot where Punks, Soul Heads, New Romantics, Dread Locks and Skinheads all converged brought together through a love of music and new sounds.

Beat Spacek’s ‘Modern Streets’ LP is out January 26th 2015 on Ninja Tune.

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