No. 1: The Acid – Liminal #blogovision2014

the acid

The Acid is the electro collaboration trio of Australian singer-songwriter Ry X, Brit breakbeat hitmaker Adam Freeland and LA DJ/producer Steve Nalepa

Freeland: “I think as an artist, when you start, you are just messing around and then it takes off. You get serious and you try to do things that you’re expected to do. There was no expectation of what we were trying to make for us though. We are all from such different worlds. We just wanted to try it out and see what happens. It was nice to come from that space without any expectation.

It was just that at the end of the day that it all worked, and we said “see you tomorrow” to each other. It went from there. The creative chemistry was great with a different skill set amongst us. Combined it was great. . You sort of feel like you’re creativity is related to how much effort you put in. This didn’t feel like that, from my point of view at least.” (spotify link)

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